Seven Layer Dip

cook time

Prep: 15 min 
Cook: 0 min


10 Servings


• Chili Powder (2 Tsp)
• Ground Cumin (1 Tsp)
• Garlic Powder (1/2 Tsp)
• Avocados (3 Medium)
• Lemon Juice (1 Tbsp)
• Sour Cream (8oz)
• Red Salsa (3/4 Cup)
• Mexican Cheese Blend (1.5 Cups)
• Black Olives (6oz)
• Green Onions (2 Chopped)
• Roma Tomatoes (1 Diced)
• Tortilla Chips (For Serving)


Step 1:

Add the refried beans to a mixing bowl. Season with chili powder, cumin and garlic powder. Taste and add more seasoning if desired.

Step 2:

Spread beans into a single layer on a large serving plate or in a 9x13'' pan.

Step 3:

Add avocado and lemon/lime juice to a bowl and mash well with a fork. Spread into an even layer, over the beans.

Step 4:

Spread sour cream into an even layer, over the mashed avocado layer.

Step 5:

Dollop small spoonfuls of salsa all over the top of the sour cream layer.

Step 6:

Sprinkle with cheese, followed by olives, and then green onion. You could also add a diced tomato for garnish (optional).

Step 7:

Refrigerate until ready to serve (this can be made a day in advance). Serve with tortilla chips.